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Various IRISH diesel multiple units are now available from our own productions......

We have our own NIR CAF 4000 3-car sets (based on Bachmann Class 170 units) currently available in small numbers and whilst stocks last.  Priced at £295.00. stg.   DCC can be fitted as can be sound, at extra cost.

We also offer the IE.22000 3-car set (also based on a Bachmannn Class 170) at £295.00. stg. and subject to availabilty at any given time.  Again, DCC fitting and sound are available at extra cost.

Our latest production is the IE.2600/2700 2-car set, based on a Bachmann Class 150. These units are ready for DCC which can be plugged in as can be sound (both at extra cost). The price of these units is £265.00.stg. when available.

All three models come in specially hand-produced sleeves which add the finishing touch. P&P is extra.

We currently have small numbers of the above-mentioned in stock for immediate delivery.

We are hoping to develop one or two NEW things over the coming months of 2020 so watch this space!


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