Our former venue for the Minehead show in  an earlier time. Photograph by Bluedice Photographic (Copyright 2011)
We operate Toy & Train Sales ("Swapmeets") at various locations in the UK throughout the year   and we currently  hold shows at:         

** ABERYSTWYTH, West Wales.  -  Once per year.

** BARRY ISLAND STATION.  -  Once per year.

**  BARRY LEISURE CENTRE  - Three times per year.

**  BRECON, Mid Wales.    - Twice per year.

**  North BRISTOL.    - Twice per year.

** CARDIFF - Our "Flagship" show Four times each year.

** CARMARTHEN, West Wales.Four times each year.

** DUBLIN, Ireland.  -  Four shows per year.

** HEREFORD.  -  Twice per year.

**LLANELLI "M4/J48", West Wales.  -  Twice per year.

** LLANGOLLEN, N.W.Wales.  -  Once per year.

** MINEHEAD, Somerset. -  Once per year.

**  MONMOUTH, S.E.Wales. -  Twice per year.

**  OSWESTRY, Shropshire.  -  Three shows per year.


      Full details of venues and dates etc. can be found on the Toyfairs page. We were established in 1979 and have been operating Toy & Train Sales since 1983.

In addition to the all of the above, we buy and sell toys & trains. Details can be found on our Direct Sales page.

Monday, September 22, 2014